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Cayenne Garlic Mustard Cayenne Garlic Mustard

A cayenne treat! If you like your mustard spicy, then you need this one!

Our Price: $8.95
Roasted Garlic Cayenne Mustard Roasted Garlic Cayenne Mustard

Roasted Garlic Cayenne Mustard

Our Price: $8.95
Wingmaster Garlic Parmesan Wing Master - Garlic Parmesan

Our best selling, award winning Wing Master.  Strong Garlic and Cheesy Parmesan for your wings!

Our Price: $9.95
Wing Master Mega Garlic Wing Master - Mega Garlic

They said it was impossible to pack this much garlic into one sauce but we proved them wrong.

Our Price: $9.95
Pepper Palace Original - Garlic Medium Salsa Original - Garlic Medium Salsa

This garlic salsa is gonna make your mouth water just getting the lid off.

Our Price: $9.95
Garlic - Sweet Mild Salsa Garlic - Sweet Mild Salsa

This sweet mild salsa has so much garlic in it, definitely for the garlic lover!

Our Price: $9.95
Chili Starter Medium Chili Starter Medium

This chili mix will help you make Chili, Queso, or Sloppy Joe's with the easy recipes printed on the label. Winner of the 2006 Smoky Mountain Cook-Off.

Our Price: $9.95
Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce Green Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Green Jalapeno hot sauce is a salsa verde sauce with medium heat and great jalapeno flavor.

Our Price: $9.95
Fisherman's Clam Chowder Hot Sauce Fisherman's Clam Chowder Hot Sauce

Cayenne peppers add a delicious flavor and just the right amount of heat to your favorite clam chowder.

Our Price: $9.95
Pepper Palace Horseradish Oyster Sauce Horseradish Oyster Sauce

An incredible combination of cayenne peppers, mustard seed, and our famous Nasal Napalm horseradish. This is the greatest sauce for oysters, bloody marys, and much more!

Our Price: $9.95
Garlic Fusion Hot Sauce Garlic Fusion

Fusing the unmistakable taste of garlic with the delicious cayenne
pepper this sauce is for those who like tabasco but not the vinegary

Our Price: $9.95
Saucy Wench Hot Sauce Saucy Wench Hot Sauce

Beware this Saucy Wench Hot Sauce.

Our Price: $9.95
Peppers-N-Garlic Seasoning Pepper Garlic Seasoning

A small batch blend of Peppers and Garlic, this mild seasoning is a great way to add flavor to any Italian dish. Add to any pasta or shrimp, and keep it around for burgers and popcorn!

Our Price: $9.95
Rub Dat Butt Original Seasoning Rub Dat Butt Original Seasoning & Rub

Every pork butt needs some Rub Dat Butt. Also available in Honey and Smoky, as well as King Size!

Our Price: $9.95
The Big Easy Cajun Seasoning The BIG Easy Seasoning

Inspired by New Orleans cuisine, this delicious Cajun seasoning brings the Big Easy to your table.

Our Price: $9.95
Chipotle Ketchup Chipotle Ketchup

Made with real smoked jalapenos.

Our Price: $10.95
Habanero Ketchup Habanero Ketchup

Wow! We really outdid ourselves with this one.

Our Price: $10.95
Flavor of New Orleans BBQ Sauce Flavor of New Orleans BBQ Sauce

Take a walk down the back streets of New Orleans with this vinegar based cayenne and garlic BBQ!

Our Price: $10.95
Teriyaki Sauce Teriyaki Sauce

Try this delicious gourmet teriyaki sauce in your stir fry, or coat chicken or pork strips then grill for an excellent teriyaki.

Our Price: $10.95
Wing Master Honey Garlic Wing Master Honey Garlic

Honey and garlic combined together to give a sweet and spicy glaze that is absolutely amazing on chicken wings. Try it on salads, pork or anything else you can think of for a tangy sweet and garlic flavor.

Our Price: $10.95
Italian Mild - Salsa Italian Mild - Salsa

Packed to the brim with garlic, olives and other Italian spices, this delicious salsa will make you say mama mia!

Our Price: $10.95
Boomin Onion Salsa Boomin Onion Salsa

Hot Onion Salsa is a spicy concoction full of onions and five types of peppers! Hot onion salsa is a great addition to beans, hot dogs, hamburgers or even over cream cheese!

Our Price: $10.95
Pepper Palace Ghost Pepper (Jolokia) Salsa Ghost Pepper (Jolokia) Salsa

This Ghostly Salsa will turn your taste buds white with fright!

Our Price: $10.95
Garlic and Herb Seasoning Garlic Herb Seasoning

Shake it on Italian foods, Garlic bread, shrimp on the grill, everything! This blend adds a delicious garlic based flavor profile to anything you may add garlic to in the first place!

Our Price: $10.95
French Quarter Creole Seasoning French Quarter Creole Seasoning

We took a trip down to New Orleans in this Cajun inspired seasoning that's a little on the milder side. Perfect for your gumbo, Cajun seafood, soups, meats, eggs, or anything else you want to add that New Orleans taste to!

Our Price: $10.95
Vegetable Seasoning Blend Vegetable Seasoning

Give your veggies some flavor! Perfect for throwing on grilled vegetables!

Our Price: $10.95
Jalapeno Steak Butter Seasoning Jalapeno Steak Butter Seasoning

We took the great taste of butter, without all the fat, and combined the kick of jalapenos for this great tasting seasoning.

Our Price: $10.95
Low Country Cajun Seasoning Low Country Cajun Seasoning

This delicious seasoning is South Carolina's take on cajun cooking! Mustard, cayenne, chipotle, and paprika combine to deliver that Low Country taste!

Our Price: $10.95
Music City BBQ Rub Nashville - Music City BBQ Rub

This brown sugar based rub is mixed with chipotle pepper. This sweet and spicy recipe pays homage to authentic Nashville BBQ!

Our Price: $10.95
Zesty Italian with Parmesan Seasoning Zesty Italian with Parmesan Seasoning

Amazing Italian flavor.

Our Price: $10.95
jalapeno salt Jalapeno Salt

Pepper Palace's hand crafted Jalapeno Salt brings together two staples in the Pepper Palace cupboard jalapeno and salt. With this blend you can add a dash of spice with just a pinch of salt, try it on steak, over mashed potatoes, on corn on the cob, or sprinkle over popcorn!

Our Price: $10.95
Jalapeno Ketchup Jalapeno Ketchup

Made with fresh jalapenos.

Our Price: $10.95
Smokin' Southern Hot Sauce Smokin' Southern Hot Sauce

Well kiss my greens! This Smokin' Southern Hot Sauce will be a new southern tradition. This medium heat, malt vinegar sauce also contains honey and smoked habanero. Put this on your grits, your greens, or anything in between!

Our Price: $10.95
La Diablesse Hot Sauce La Diablesse Hot Sauce

This mustard based habanero hot sauce has just the right blend of peppers, garlic and spices to make it the right choice for any dish.

Our Price: $11.95
Pepper Palace Original Garlic Salsa w/Ghost Pepper Original Garlic - X Hot w/Ghost Pepper

This extra hot garlic salsa is packed with the burn of the ghost pepper. Beware!

Our Price: $12.95
Egyptian Hummus Salsa Egyptian Hummus Salsa

Garbanzo beans, Tahini, black olives and green peppers combined with a
traditional jalapeno salsa inspired by our love of hummus.

Our Price: $12.95
Pepper Palace Fire Roasted Salsa Fire Roasted Salsa

Fire Roasted Salsa uses fire roasted tomatoes and peppers to give a delightful roasted flavor.

Our Price: $12.95
Asian Cooking & Dipping Sauce Asian Cooking & Dipping Sauce

A unique Asian style sauce made with ginger and crushed red peppers.

Our Price: $12.95
Uff Da Scandinavian Gold Hot Sauce Uff Da Scandinavian Gold Hot Sauce

Uff da that is some great gourmet hot sauce!

Our Price: $12.95
Most Excellent Cocktail  Sauce Ever! Most Excellent Cocktail Sauce Ever!

Made with our famous Nasal Napalm Horseradish, this cocktail sauce is MOST EXCELLENT!

Our Price: $12.95
Pepper Palace Reaper Salsa Reaper Salsa

Made with the world’s hottest pepper, the reaper, this salsa will be sure to work up a couple of tears while eating it!

Our Price: $13.95
Southern Redneck Hot Sauce Southern Redneck Hot Sauce

The Red Habanero is blended with vinegar and garlic to make a smooth great tasting sauce with a tongue burning delight.

Our Price: $14.95
Pepper Palace Tomatillo Salsa Tomatillo Salsa

We took fresh tomatillos and added jalapenos and other various spices to create the best green salsa on the market.

Our Price: $14.95
Ghostly Garlic Fusion Hot Sauce Ghostly Garlic Fusion Hot Sauce

We added ghost pepper to our classic Garlic Fusion, and spiced it up! This sauce was voted Fan Favorite!

Our Price: $14.95
King Habanero Hot Sauce King Habanero Hot Sauce

If you love that habanero flavor, and must have that habanero heat, this sauce delivers everything you love about habaneros!

Our Price: $14.95
Pepper Palace Seven Hot Sauce Seven Hot Sauce

Our first sauce to feature the 7 Pot Chocolate Douglah!

Our Price: $14.95
Pepper Palace Spicy Pickled Garlic Spicy Pickled Garlic

Fresh peppers and crunchy garlic cloves unite in a mildly spicy union of delightful flavors. This product is not recommended for vampires.

Our Price: $16.95
Pepper Palace Gourmet Garnishes - Garlic Olives Gourmet Garnishes - Garlic Olives

Top shelf olives imported from Greece and Spain are stuffed with some of the best garlic available. Use them to garnish a martini, a bloody mary or just set them out as a healthy snack for your next party.

Our Price: $16.95
Black Rose Hot Sauce Black Rose Hot Sauce

One of the first hot sauce recipes we developed, this 3 pepper sauce mixed with ginger and garlic gives you our best selling hot sauce. Just one try and it's easy to see why it's a fan favorite.

Our Price: $16.95
Sauce Makers Reserve - Hot Chipotle and Garlic Sauce Makers Reserve - Hot Chipotle and Garlic

Sauce Makers Chipotle Garlic is back! We are sure your wait will be justified because it is back and better than ever! We hand stir the sauce, hand roast the garlic and hand fill the bottles. We do this every day for you, our biggest fan!

Our Price: $16.95
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Garlic Hot Sauce Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Garlic Hot Sauce

This dangerously hot scorpion sauce takes the recipe of the original with lots of garlic added!

Our Price: $17.95
Tr3s Diablos Tr3s Diablos Hot Sauce

Beware the 3 Devils! Habanero, ghost, and scorpion peppers bring a diabolical flavor to your food!

Our Price: $17.95
Pepper Palace Scorpion Stinger Hot Sauce Scorpion Stinger Hot Sauce

Our first sauce made with the Trinidad Butch T Scorpion pepper. It's also combined with red habaneros, vineger, and mustard to give a mighty sting and a great taste.

Our Price: $17.95
Voodoo Reaper Hot Sauce Voodoo Reaper Hot Sauce

This Louisiana style sauce is packed with reaper pepper magic and garlic spells invoking the ultimate alchemy of cajun flavors with a terrifying burn.

Our Price: $18.95
Rub Dat Butt King Size Rub Dat Butt Seasoning & Rub - King Size

The ultimate rub for pork butt, in King Size! This is the perfect product for any pit-master!

Our Price: $34.95